Fresh World International imports fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the Producers located all around the world. We guarantee top quality of more than 200 products, thanks to our close cooperation with selected, most prestige and successful Suppliers from over 50 countries all over the globe.

Near the Warsaw wholesale market in Bronisze we run our own 7500 squere meters modern warehouse including bananas ripening chambers. All equipped with high-tech temperature and humidity control environment.

Upon our clients’ request, we provide added value activities including packaging and private labeling services for their products, starting from all the standard types, such as netting, flowpacking or punneting, up to the most modern and innovative solutions for end consumers.

As a part of Best Fresh Group from the Netherlands, we have operated in Poland since 1997. Over these years our logistic department established industry leading service quality. Our clients order in the afternoon, and, next morning the fresh fruit and vegetables are on their shelves in any quantity they need and according to their packaging and technical specifications. We are an integral part of their supply chain.

Thanks to our own, dedicated refrigerated truck fleet, we distribute our goods directly to our clients. The presize and demanding environmental conditions required are maintained until the last moment before our goods are delivered.

We provide and manage an extensive distribution network service. Seven days a week, 24 hours per day, fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered to all the major supermarket chains and wholesale distribution in Poland, Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Thanks to unique capabilities, experience and contacts Fresh World International is successfully developing its export activity. We export over 50 kinds of Polish fruit and vegetables to whole Europe area.