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Continous deliveries across the country

Our goods are available in all food retail chains throughout the country and the EU. The variety and quality of our products is appreciated by clients from some of the most demanding countries, such as: Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Romania.

Our clients come from both the traditional and the HORECA markets.

Years of experience of Fresh World International allows us to sell top quality products and to constantly supply fruits and vegetables available throughout the year. We are a reliable and stable business partner. When implementing your promotional campaigns, you can be certain that the goods will be delivered to the right place and on time. We are flexible and adapt to the needs of our clients by processing mixed orders consisting of many different assortments. We adjust the packaging to fit products and how they are presented in stores. We support ideas that our clients have by expanding the range of packaging types: flow pack, trays, cups and other unit packaging.

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