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Lime grows on a tree that belongs to rutaceae. At present it is cultivated practically on all continents. Lime originates from Asia and its largest producers include: Mexico, Argentina, India and Brazil.

Product information

The fruits are round or egg-shaped, similar to lemons, however slightly smaller. The peel is green, waxed and shells green and yellow pulp.
Fresh lime should be firm with thin and intensively coloured peel. Lime is very juicy and has slightly bitter and sour taste. It contains plenty of vitamin C.

Lime juice is used to add falvour to lemonades, teas, and alcohols. It is a great ingredient of sauces and desserts.

Ripe fruits are used in their entirety to produce jams, jellies and marmalades. In addition, limes are used for production of juices and beverages and added to cocktails.

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