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Papaya, or carica, called also the “angel fruit” is a tropical fruit originating from America.

Oval and pear-shaped, it can be up to 45 cm long. It’s green, yellow and orange peel is edible; the pulp is salmon pink and contains a large number of black, edible seeds.

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Papaya contains nutrients such as: vitamins C and A, folic acid, minerals (potassium, copper and magnesium), fibre and other active compounds – papain enzyme and certain flavonoids.
Fresh and ripen fruits are one of the most valued sources of vitamin C – one fruit contains more than a double dose of daily intake, which means that it contains more vitamin C than an orange. They are usually consumed raw in fruit salads, however, can be also used to produce jams, as an addition to ice-cream and non-alcoholic beverages.

Green papaya fruits can be cooked as vegetables. They can be also preserved, candied and dried.
Papaya seeds have been recognised as a natural cure to many ailments.

They are applied as anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic and analgesic medicine.

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