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Cauliflower is an annual plant native to Greece and Italy. At present, cauliflowers are cultivated in many countries throughout the world and in many varieties.

Product information

• White cauliflower – cultivated in many varieties differing in size and cultivation conditions.
• Yellow/orange cauliflower – a relatively unpopular cauliflower species in Poland, however highly suitable for winter cultivation. Its colour does not fade during thermal processing which makes it a perfect ingredient of colourful dishes.

• Green cauliflower (romanesco) – has specific, cone-shaped roses. Its colour remains intensively green also after cooking. It has a delicate, broccoli-like flavour.

• Purple cauliflower – this variety also maintains its beautiful and intensive colour after thermal processing and serves as a great decoration of meals. It has slightly poignant taste.
Cauliflower contains mineral salts (among others sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, mercury and zinc), carotenes, vitamins (primarily C and also K, B1, B2 and B6) and organic acids. Similarly as the other cruciferous vegetables, cauliflowers contains also sulphuric compounds.
Raw cauliflower roses can be added to salads, while cooked ones are an ingredient of soups, bakes and tarts.

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