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Lettuce is an annual plant originating from temperate climate regions of Asia and Europe. It constitutes a valuable source of mineral salts and vitamins such as B1, B2, C and E and, what’s worth pointing out, the richest source of folic acids from among all vegetables.

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There are more than 100 different species of lettuce, of which the most popular include:
• Lollo – lettuce of decorative shape. It integrates harmoniously with the other lettuces and is great for decorating platters with snacks and other dishes.

• Iceberg lettuce has crunchy and juicy green leaves and a heavy head. It tastes best with pepper, tomato, cucumber, fresh basil, feta or blue cheese, cooked chicken and yoghurt or cream sauce. Iceberg lettuce remains fresh even up to several days, if stored in cold place.

• Cos lettuce has long, wrinkled and dark green leaves forming an oval and loose head. Cos lettuce is sweeter than butterhead and iceber glettuces. It goes well with garlic and mayonnaise sauce.
• Radicchio has claret and white letters. A stump is inedible and must be removed. Leaves lose their nutritive values when soaked in warm water.
• Butterhead lettuce has soft leaves in a colour of velvety pea, coiled in lose heads. Most frequently served with cream or vinaigrette sauce. It fits well with corn, pea, pepper, tomato, cucumber, apple, mango and avocado.
Lettuce is a core ingredient of many fruit and vegetable salads and a popular additive to sandwiches and various culinary decorations.

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