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Mango is a fruit of evergreen tree classified as anacardiaceae that can live even up to 300 years. This species originates from India and is currently cultivated in tropical regions of America, Africa, Australia and Oceania, as well as in Europe.

Product information

Mango peel is green and yellow, orange or red. The pulp has yellow and orange colour.
Its shape is rounded, slightly elongated and flattened.

Mango is a valuable source of simple sugars, carotenoids, vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and PP, fibre, magnesium, sodium and mineral salts.

Raw fruits are a perfect ingredient of salads, desserts and starters or can be consumed on their own. They are also processed as jams, preserves, juices, fruit cordials, liquors and jellies. They perfectly compliment cakes, meats, sauces and seafood.

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