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Classified in bromeliads and originating from South America, pineapple can be an annual plant or perennial and can reach even 1.5 m. Pineapples were first brought to Europe from Guadeloupe by Christopher Columbus. The largest pineapple producers include: Costa Rica, Philippines, Brazil, Thailand and India. Pineapple is a very juicy fruit of unique taste and intensive fragrance.

Product information

Pineapples are pine-shaped and, depending on a variety, have gold and yellow or green colour. A single fruit can weight up to a few kilograms.
Low in calories and rich in nutrients, the fruit contains plenty of vitamin C as well as vitamins A, B and PP, followed by calcium and iron. It is recommended for indigestion, while its juice demonstrates antibacterial properties.

Pineapple tastes best when consumed raw. It also goes well in fruit salads, juices and serves as cake additive. I should be stored in a fridge for no longer than 2 days after being cut open.

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