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An edible cactus, also called “dragon fruit” grows in Mexico, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and in China. This fruit blossoms at night only and therefore its flowers are called the Queen of the Night.

Product information

The fruit is pink, oval in shape and up to 12 cm long. The outer part of the fruit has green leaves resembling flames. After being cut in half, the pulp is white with characteristic pits.
There are three varieties of dragon fruit:

• pink/red pitahaya – pink peel with white pulp.

• Costa Rica pitahaya – pink peel and pink pulp.
• yellow pitahaya – yellow fruit and white pulp.
It is a valuable source of phosphorus and calcium, vitamin B, C and E, fibre and carotene.
Dragon fruits are perfect for fruit salads, as decoration on cakes, cookies or cheesecakes. Should not be heated or used for preserves.

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