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Originally from the Mediterranean Sea region, pomegranates are grown in Western Asia regions, Caucasus, as well as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and India.

Similar in shape and size to apples, pomegranates are covered with hard, leathery skin of scarlet, purple or brown colour, with a cup on the top. The edible part of the fruit consists of 400–700 angular seeds covered with so called aril: a jelly-like, juicy pulp.

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Frequently called the fruit of life, pomegranates contain polyphenols (antioxidants) that reduce production of free radicals and eliminate already existing ones, therefore decrease the risk of many neoplastic diseases. Pomegranates should be consumed with seeds as they’re a great source of unsaturated fatty acids omega-6.
Due to their numerous properties and rich chemical composition, pomegranates have been used in food and cosmetic industry.

Pomegranate fruits are used primarily to produce juices, jams, confitures, jellies, dried pits as well as syrups and liqueurs.

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