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Blackberry is an effuse and thorny bush fruiting in Poland in the summer. It grows naturally in the woods and frequently overgrows ditches and roadside fences.

Blackberry fruits resemble raspberries in their shape and size. Ripe blackberry fruits are dark-violet, navy blue or black and are specific for their clement sweet and sour taste.

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Blackberries are full of antioxidants eliminating free radicals, which contribute to cancer cell development. They are also a valuable source of fibre that reduces fat absorption and therefore decrease the risk of cardiac diseases. In addition, they boost metabolism, which makes them a desirable dietary component.
Blackberries can be consumed raw. They are a great base ingredient of cocktails, ice-cream and desserts. Their sweet and sour taste can also counterbalance the taste of lettuce-based salads or emphasize the flavour of cheeses and cold meats. Blackberry sauce is an original additive to meats. Blackberries can be also processed as jams, preserves, juices and liqueurs.

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