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Kiwis are fruits of the Chinese gooseberry (Actinidia chinensis), a vine originating from northern China. At present, kiwi fruit plantations are located mainly in New Zealand and China, while in Europe – in Italy and Greece. The name of the fruit was given by an American importer who noticed that they resemble the New Zealand kiwi bird.

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Kiwi fruits have oval shape and weight 50g-90g. They are covered with inedible, brown-greenish and densely hairy peel. The pulp is green or yellow, juicy, sweet and sour. Kiwi fruits are easily transportable and, after harvesting, can be stored even up to 6 months. That is why kiwi is the most popular exotic fruit sold worldwide.
Due to their unique nutritive properties, kiwi fruits are included into the group of so-called superfoods. They contain plenty of B group vitamins, vitamin C, K and E and are a valuable source of folic acids, carotenoids and potassium that stabilises blood pressure and regulates cardiac rhythm, as well as of magnesium, calcium and manganese. Important enough, kiwi does not lose its nutritive values during storage and even after 6 months it still contains nearly 90% of vitamin C. Kiwi pits contain Omega-3 acids, which both impede cell ageing and have a positive impact on circulatory system.

Kiwi fruits can be consumed directly and processed (can be frozen and lyophilised). They are tasty and nutritive ingredient of salads or can be used as decoration of meals, desserts and cocktails. Kiwis should not be combined with jelly, which cannot coagulate due to enzymes contained in the fruits.

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