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Melon is a type of cucumber plant, the edible part of which is a fruit.

It originates from the African and Asian regions, however it is cultivated in many countries throughout the world.

Melons differ between each other depending on the variety. The most popular varieties include Galia, Cantaloupe, Honeydew melon and Green Melon.

Galia melon – is round. Its peel has an appealing yellow colour turning into soft brown with specific mesh-like pattern. The inside of the fruit is filled with delicious, aromatic and sweet light green-whitish pulp.

Cantaloupe melon is usually round however the peel colour differs – it can be grey, soft brown or greenish, frequently ribbed longitudinally. It is specific for its orange pulp of sweet and aromatic flavour.

Honeydew melon (Yellow Honey) is more oval, yellow and green, while its pulp is creamy yellow and has sweet taste.

Green melon (Piel de Sapo) has an oval shape, peel colour from light to dark green and it is covered with specific mesh-like pattern to some degree. Its pulp is creamy-green and it has a sweet and juicy flavour.

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Plenty of vitamins (primarily A and C and B group vitamins) as well as micro- and macro-elements makes the melons a perfect addition to everyday diet. Moreover, melons are a great source of potassium, carotene, pectin and iron, followed by significant amounts of calcium, zinc, phosphorus and selenium.
Melons are primarily consumed raw. They are a perfect ingredient of ice-cream, fruit salads, desserts, cakes or shakes. Melons are a great match for meat dishes, seafood, light fish or poultry. Some species are used for pickles and additive to cocktails.

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