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Classified as citruses, oranges originate from eastern Asia. Orange trees grow in tropical forests and reach approx. 9 meters.

Oranges come in round or oval shape, while their peel has a specific porous structure. The inside of the fruit is filled with juicy pulp covered by white skin called pith. It contains high amounts of pectin, which is why oranges should be consumed without removing it.

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Fresh fruits have a firm, pliable, non-discoloured and hard peel and their specific weight is significant comparing to size. Vast majority of fruit mass is water, which plays an important role in removing toxins from human organism. The remaining nutrients include: carbohydrates, fibre, vitamin A and P, calcium, magnesium, pectin, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, phosphorus and potassium.
Both peel and pulp of orange fruits is widely used in the culinary art and food industry. Fruits can be consumed raw but also as an ingredient of salads, desserts, ice-cream, meat and fish dishes. Orange beverages and juices are produced on industrial scale. Orange juice acts as a perfect base for cocktails, liquors and fruit cordials.

Orange peel can be candied and dried, while grated peel is a popular additive in the production of pastries. Orange oil has been widely applied in aromatherapy.

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