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Red raspberry (Rubus idaeus) is a popular fruit shrub growing up to 2 m high. It has white flowers and large (comparing to fruits) green leaves. It grows in temperate climate zone. It covers nearly 250 species, of which more than a half grows in Europe. Despite this fact, it is also found in colder regions, even in the subarctic areas of Asia and North America. In Poland, raspberry bushes grow in natural conditions in the woods, on glades and meadows.

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The most frequent colour of raspberry fruits is light red however there are also yellow, whitish or brown-black varieties. Raspberry is a fruit of very high nutritive value. It is specific for its low-calorie value and high-fibre content. Raspberries are considered to be a valuable source of vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B9 and organic acids. In terms of micro- and macro-elements, raspberry fruits contain calcium, selenium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.
Raspberries also constitute a source of biologically active chemical compounds, the so-called phytamins – phenolic compounds of strong anti-oxidative effect regulating the physiological functions of the human body.

Raspberries are used to produce compotes, frozen food, jellies, jams, damson jams and juices. They are also used in wines, fruit cordials, liqueurs and other alcohols. They are a perfect match for dairy products. Lyophilised raspberries are added to cornflakes.
Raspberry is also a valuable cosmetic resource. Raspberry seed oil is a conditioning product for every skin type.

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