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Sweet cherry trees grow in Europe and Asia. Its round-shaped fruits have relatively large pits. Sweet cherries have a specific red colour however yellow and dark claret varieties are also common.

The fruits are characteristic for their appealing appearance and refreshing taste and – due to their low-calorie value – are a perfect snack for those who are watching their waistline.

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Sweet cherries are composed in eighty percent of water, supplemented by low amounts of proteins and carbohydrates, B group vitamins (B1, B2 and B6), as well as vitamin C and E, pectin and folic acid.
Sweet cherries stimulate hair growth and rejuvenate tissues. Thanks to bioflavonoid content – antioxidants eliminating free radicals, consumption of these fruits contributes to slowing-down of the skin ageing processes. Regular consumption of sweet cherries improves skin condition and makes it tighter and firmer.

Sweet cherries are also a valuable source of iodine that stimulates production of thyroid hormones and regulates metabolism.

Sweet cherries are usually consumed raw. They are also used to produce jams, squash, preserves and compotes, but also to decorate cakes, desserts, ice-cream or pancakes.

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