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Pepper has been currently one of the most popular vegetables.  It originates from South and Central America. At present, nearly 2000 varieties of pepper are cultivated throughout the world. The cultivars differ from each other with colour, shape and primarily taste.

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Pepper is a vegetable rich in vitamins (in particular in vitamin C and beta-carotene) and mineral salts (potassium, calcium). Consumption of pepper helps reducing blood pressure and protects against circulatory diseases.
Polyphenols contained in pepper eliminate free radicals that accelerate aging of human organism. Pepper is primarily an invaluable source of vitamin C. It contains five times more vitamin C than lemon.

Pepper is commonly recognised and used in various cuisines throughout the world. Due to its flavour, from sweet to extremely hot, it has been widely used in culinary art. It is served raw, baked, as an additive to different meat dishes or salads or even sweets. Very hot varieties are used as spice.

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