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Also called ascalonium, is a type of onion known under a popular name of shallot or eschalot. Shallots combine a flavour and aroma of garlic and onion.

Product information

Shallot is a variety of onion of uniquely mild and daintily sweet taste which makes it an irreplaceable additive to many dishes. In addition, it demonstrates plenty of health properties.
Similarly to onion, it contains vitamins (primarily vitamin C) and sulphur compounds of powerful antibacterial properties. Flavonoids and saponins contained in shallots feature anti-inflammatory effect.

Shallots can be used in culinary art in many ways. It can be consumed raw and is a great additive to cold dishes, such as salads, curd cheeses, sandwiches or eggs.

Shallot are also used to prepare sauces and dressings and as a spice for fish and meat dishes. It can serve as raw material to prepare a delicious jam for meats and is perfect for pickles.

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